Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Killing some noobs with a Myrmidon

I went for a roam around Ishomilken and was disgusted by the number of link ships hugging stations and gates (CCP, please add a weapons timer to links) as well as hordes of stabbed farmers as far as the eye could see. It was just one of those days when everything seemed to annoy me so I did the only rational thing and complained about it loudly on the forums where it could be promptly ignored.

I decided that it was time for a move. I have always preferred the sultry red tones of the Min/Amarr zone. Perhaps it reminds me of my youth, running missions in Lustrevik. Or perhaps that first time I ventured, trembling, into lowsec.

I pondered the map and decided that Huola was as good a place as any. It is reasonably central in the southern part of the map, adjacent to highsec for easy imports and within jump range of Amarr. (Yes, I bought a jump freighter. No, I'm not telling you which character is piloting it. Yes, it is because I don't trust you.)

I started the long journey from Ishomilken in a Myrmidon. This is not because the Myrm makes a good travel ship but because I was looking for fights. There were loads of frigates around but not a single one wanted to fight me until I arrived at my destination.

One jump out of Huola was a friendly low skill frigate gang in a Griffin (grr), Executioner, Rifter and Slasher. Perfect, except for the Griffin which frankly had me a bit worried. But I warped to the large plex anyway.

They were quick off the mark! I barely had time to settle in on the beacon before they landed, swarming over me. I locked the Griffin and was just about to tackle and web him when his first jam landed. And the second, and third, and fourth and then I lost count. Honestly, what frustrating mechanics.

I eventually remembered to launch my drones and set them aggressive. They began killing one of the ships and it wasn't long before the first wreck appeared. I was surprised at that since I thought Ogres needed a web to properly apply damage to frigates.

Then, finally, the Griffin missed a cycle! I locked him, scrammed him and double webbed him good. Foolishly, he had set a close orbit and was still within easy reach. I took enormous satisfaction in killing him. And then, methodically, I killed the rest of them.

I admit that wasn't a particularly fair fight. But bugger 'em, they brought a Griffin!



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