Thursday, April 2, 2015

POS bashing shenanigans

I became bored of scanning down offline POS and decided to have a crack at an online one. Two Oracles and an Omen ground the small, undefended tower's shield to 25% over a couple of hours before the reinforcement timer kicked in. When I came back the next day the POS was still undefended so I quickly finished it off before logging my Orca in. I had miscalculated and she was two jumps away. “Oh well, it won’t take long to bring it over”, I thought. And then a neutral Mastodon decloaked, right in front of me!

Theft! Deceit! Shade and corruption! How dare he steal MY modules! I worked hard for all that loot! The thief rapidly unanchored the arrays (this destroying whatever loot was contained within) before greedily scooping them up and heading off to the closest station. I had little doubt that he would soon return so I destroyed everything I could before he came back. Not a single container dropped!

I couldn’t believe it. Hours of effort, plus the cost of the wardec, were wasted. Not a single ISK did I get. Where else could an in-progress theft be usurped by the cunning of a highsec lowlife!

I hope this gameplay doesn’t disappear with the new structures. The ability to attack and loot undefended towers is great, especially when combined with the chicanery of enterprising Mastodon pilots.

But I was determined not to be deterred, even by the appearance of three cruisers belonging to a another corp whose belongings I had just finished disassembling with my lasers.

Well, I certainly wasn’t going to stand for that. It took a lot of effort to find their offline POS and declare war and turn up to steal all their stuff so I figured that I had almost as much right to their loot as they did. Unfortunately, my lone Omen was no match for Ishtars.

I quickly fit my Occator with a couple of warp core stabs to complement the native hull bonus and warped in on a stack of containers which had dropped from the late lamented CHA. The Occator landed on top of them and instantly started aligning back out while frantically filling the cargo hold with juicy datacores and T2 components. 350m warp! There were still seven containers left so I dropped everything in the station and immediately went back. 300m and in warp!

I repeated this a third time, netting another 300m but by this time they were a little annoyed by my antics and had evidently figured out why I was able to warp away from their points with impunity. I knew I was pushing my luck but warped in a fourth time anyway, figuring that I had already paid for the Occator several times over. I scooped another 350m before they bumped me out of alignment!

I was almost glad that they had figured out what to do. Although it did occur to me at that moment that my Occator should really be flown by an out of corp character. When they finished killing me I calculated the total: 850m profit after the ~100m Occator loss.

Fair enough I reckon.

On a completely unrelated note, I am selling some blueprints. You can find the thread here:

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