Friday, October 31, 2014

A successful ransom

Asakai. Lots of history! And still lots of fights! The chain had a good exit to the Cal/Gal zone. I wandered back and hopped into a Firetail which I promptly lost to a Thorax and his alt.

Entirely my fault. I strayed too close and the Merlin webbed me down good.

Of course, I had to go back in my own Thorax. He countered with a Caracal alt this time. Sigh. It's going to be one of those days. I killed his Merlin in my next ship, a Firetail again, but was caught by a gang of Comets.


I am out of practice. The Thorax loss was just depressing - I had 400s loaded in the booster and couldn't figure out what was wrong when the 800s in my hold didn't load automatically. I assumed I had forgotten to bring them along.

Oh well. Things picked up when I found a Moa who badly wanted a fight before bed. My kiting Thorax was up to the task and I exploded him:


I decided to skip a silly Condor pilot flying around with a stupid Griffin (honestly) and instead found a Procurer mining innocently in a belt. Hmm. Bait? No, a young character. Let's go!

I got into a nice tight orbit, called his drones and chewed away until he had only a sliver of hull between his pod and the merciless vacuum of space. Muahahaha! And then I ransomed him.

He offered 5m and I accepted and let him go, not because I wanted the money but because I didn't really want to kill him. But I did want someone to post in this thread that I had honoured my ransom. Which he kindly did above (thanks Miracle). I then sent him 10m back with a good dollop of advice about how dangerous FW regions were and how to use dotlan to find nice, quiet systems to mine in.

My next encounter was with a Garmur. He was sitting in a plex and clearly itching for a chance to kill my Firetail. I obliged thinking that I might be able to slingshot him with my dual-prop ship. I was surprised to find him sitting on the beacon - a brawling Garmur!

It was a good fight but the Firetail came out in the lead and he died in a nice, expensive explosion.


I offered him the loot but he declined, saying I had earned it. So, what to do with a Dark Blood Warp Scrambler that I don't particularly want or need to sell? I know! The next kill in Alliance chat gets it!

Happily, the next kill was from a relatively new Stay Frostian who just couldn't fly past a cyno ship without popping it (entirely the correct procedure) but was oblivious to the alliance chat challenge. He posted his kill and subsequent loss in fleet and when I told him to link it and he thought he had done something wrong.

But the contract was up and now he had a new problem: how to get a nice, shiny module from Asakai to Jita! I hope he figured it out.


  1. Dear Zappity, I do enjoy your adventures. Yours and Rixx's blogs are absolutely the reason I play EVE and fly with SF. Rixx posted something the other day about, thank your blogger, so I wanted to take this sweet moment and say, thanks! Reading your adventures gives me insight in how to fly and how to handle different situations and helps pass the work day. Because work is FAR less exciting than flying pixels.

  2. :) Glad you enjoy them - thanks for the comment.