Saturday, September 20, 2014

Spiders in their own webs

I finally moved into my new corp’s wormhole. The static C2 is great since there is always a nice K-space exit nearby. Unfortunately, I haven’t found anyone in J-space to shoot at yet. Maybe there was a mass exodus from wormhole space after Hyperion as the threads all say.

Some of my corpies are interested in running sites. I looked at my skills and they are woeful for PvE, probably as a result of concentrating on solo PvP up until now. So I bought the Gallente Battleship skillbook and started training it up alongside some sentry drone and remote transfer skills. At least the Dominix is quite cheap - I like that in a PvE ship that will absolutely certainly be killed some time soon.

I put all of the bits onto the Dominix and set off for the chain entry system. I’ve never sat in a battleship before. I don’t like them. They are slow to align, slow to warp and just generally slooooooow! After a few uncomfortably exposed (but scouted) jumps I made it to the home system and dropped the ship off in the tower. A few seconds later I had swapped into my stealthy Stratios and was heading for the nearest lowsec exit.

Things were pretty quiet around here, too. But I persevered and found an Eagle loitering with intent on a gate. He scarpered when I blipped on the overview and soon disappeared from scan. When he reappeared and suggested a planet for 1v1 I was instantly suspicious.

I was suspicious of a gang warping in. I was suspicious of a kiting fit (to which he must have hastily switched in station). I was suspicious of a hot drop. But I also wanted a fight! So I warped in and saw that he was over 100km away from the warp in. My suspicions about a kiting fit were renewed and I hastily reactivated my cloak.

I warped out to a celestial behind my victim and dropped a bookmark just as I entered warp. It was a good one - on returning I landed about 10km from my opponent. I had deactivated cloak on the way in and quickly scrammed and webbed him.

I expected that his damage would drop off once I got into a close orbit but was surprised to see a good amount still coming in. Not a kiting fit! Treachery! How dare he try to trick me like that! But the Stratios showed its might and before I was too far into armour his shields evaporated and I was targeting his pod. Sigh. The cruiser’s lock time is so slow.


Video, Stratios vs Eagle:

Another wormhole took my into Northern Associates null space. Despite my being there solely for the sightseeing in my heavily armed cruiser a nasty local decided to set up a gate camp with his Sabre. He got all excited when Innocent Scout’s Cheetah hopped through into his rapidly inflating bubble but didn’t quite manage to destroy it before she escaped. Zappity followed immediately after and he was onto her like a flash!

Maybe he was expecting an exploration Stratios. Maybe he was just trying his luck. Either way, he melted very quickly to my great satisfaction. Sitting in the middle of his own bubble, he could hardly warp his pod away, either! Happy times! Especially since the pod was worth more than the ship.


Video, Stratios vs Sabre:

I came across him again on the way home. He left me alone this time.

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