Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Learning to lose the Stratios

I logged in again a few days later and was again disappointed by a lack of activity in our connections. Maybe I'm not trying hard enough and need to dive further down the chains. But it is difficult when there are so many juicy k-space exits.

I found another Stratios doing a lowsec anomaly and bookmarked a nearby wreck. When I warped back in I dropped cloak just before landing, mistakenly thinking that he would still be in the same place. Unfortunately, he was 15km away and by the time I started burning over he warped away. That was very annoying but entirely my fault. I should have either had a MWD or held cloak. Still, you live and learn.

Next, I found a belt-ratting Apocalypse with one of those funny skins. I crept up on him, decloaked and started to destroy him. And then his mates landed in a Gila and two Orthruseses. I got the Prophecy to about half armour but, alas, I died. I should have been watching local and d-scan. And I shouldn’t have been falling for obvious bait. Oh well, I gave them a gf and hopped to Amarr for a refit.

The new Stratios didn’t last long. I was loitering innocently in a neighbouring wormhole whose occupant had just awoken. One of my corpies was scanning the system out and the occupant must have noticed the probes. Before long a Blackbird appeared about 30 km from the POS force field.

Now I know this is probably the most obvious bait there could be but what can I say? Before long I was creeping up on him under cloak. I expected that a) he would jam me, and b) the POS would attack me. But I wanted to have a go anyway, thinking that my aggressive drones might be able to kill him despite my having no lock. So I decloaked and started killing him. Sure enough, the ECM landed almost immediately.

I am embarrassed to say that I was badly flustered by this fight. First, I couldn’t figure out why my drones weren’t buzzing around him like flies and killing him. Then I finally figured out that they actually were but, being heavy drones, this was difficult to see because they were already in range of the target and were moving slowly. Second, I wasn’t able to see the Blackbird’s stats because of the ECM. I am not at all used to this. I was looking at my modules when he exploded and was then hugely confused about what I was trying to target! Then I noticed that it was his pod and finally figured out that his ship must have popped.

This would have been the right time for me to calmly warp away, perhaps dropping a taunting comment in local. Instead, I had totally lost the plot and on instinct tried to open his wreck. Not being close enough, my Stratios then had to turn around and lumber over in the opposite direction. By the time I realised that I was still taking quite a lot of damage from the tower it was too late. Honestly, I deserved to die after that pathetic performance.

Blackbird: http://eve.battleclinic.com/killboard/killmail.php?id=23766203
My poor Stratios: http://eve.battleclinic.com/killboard/killmail.php?id=23766204

Video: http://youtu.be/crLVe5QMb3o

Lessons? 1) I should have aligned out as soon as I decloaked and relied on my drones rather than my guns. 2) I should have warped off as soon as he exploded. 3) Knowing that ECM was highly likely I should have been much less focused on locking him and more focused on the broader situation. 4) I probably just shouldn't have tried in the first place. But we all know that #4 won’t stick :)

Anyway, onwards and upwards! An alliance mate, Skir Skor, very kindly donated me a Stratios BPC. I strongly suspect that this is so he can keep laughing at my mistakes. I shall name the ship “Skir’s Folly” and have promised to explode it in some hilariously noobish manner. After those losses I doubt I could accomplish much different anyway!

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