Saturday, August 23, 2014

Zappity's first miner gank

I had just finished posting in a thread entitled “Random Kindness in EVE”, saying that I was usually kind to noobs in lowsec because I didn’t want to scare them away, when a call went out for people to go and gank a Hulk in our 0.5 highsec border system, Usi. I was only three jumps out so I hastily changed the route back to Ish. I had a few Catalysts fitted in station (not specifically fitted for ganking but close enough) so I put them up on corp contract and joined the correct fleet.

Now, I have never ganked anyone before (not unless you count farmers) but have always wanted to at least once to get a bit of perspective. It was with excited anticipation that I formed up on the gate and waited for the order to jump into highsec. Ugh…highsec. I don’t like the nasty “You are a criminal so bugger off” message that pops up when I jump in. And I REALLY don’t like the fact that I can’t just shoot whoever I feel like.

Except just now, of course :)

We held cloak and were fleet warped onto the target. Really, four Catalysts was overkill for this Hulk but they are cheap at just over a million each so who cares? I tackled him and started firing! He exploded long before the rozzers showed up. Unfortunately I missed his pod but easily got my own capsule away.


Whew, that was a rush! But I can’t imagine it holding my attention too long - it wasn't even as challenging as killing a farmer. Anyway, I did manage to capture my first gank for posterity:


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