Saturday, May 3, 2014

Three Battle Nereus, sitting on a plex! Whatever am I to do about it? I know! Kill them! Except that obvious bait is, well, obvious. But that has NEVER stopped me before so why start now? Especially since one of the pilots has been giving us lip for the last few days in local and there is a competition to accumulate his kill mails.

So I put the call out and a couple of corpies were soon winging their way over from a couple of systems away. I warped to the plex, landed tackle and started chipping away at them.

Sure enough, I am halfway through his armour when the remote reps kick in and bring his shields all the way up. Thankfully my corpies have landed and spread their points around while focusing fire. He goes down but my nice little Incursus goes down.with him. Oh well, it was worth it!

Battle Nereus:

They were each fitted identically (yes, all three died). I only wish that the faction reps were more expensive. Still, a surprisingly resilient fit so well done.

Unfortunately, our nemesis was surprisingly quiet about his loss. Maybe next time.

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