Monday, May 12, 2014

I am in the Comet of Doom. Or something. Really, I name my Velator the same way so it doesn’t hold THAT much significance. Anyway, I have half an hour to kill (yes, I’m extremely casual) so head out of Ishomilken down the chain toward the middle of the Cal/Gal zone. As I leave I see someone in corp chat mentioning that they had just been killed by a nasty Coercer. Lo and behold, a few minutes later I spot the culprit in Nikkishina looking guilty in the Coercer. Or maybe I’m projecting. Whatever.

Anyway, how hard can a Coercer be to kill? I let the victim know that his nemesis is only a hop away if he wishes to seek revenge and warp into the plex. I figured that I would probably die and he would be just in time to mop up. Unfortunately (sort of) the Coercer only managed to get me down to 20% hull before popping! And just then my corpie landed in the plex, ready for action! I felt a bit guilty about that so offered him the loot which he declined (thank you!)


A few jumps later I stumbled onto an adventurous Tristan who was more than willing to have a go. I have been dieing to those gimmicky neut Tristans lately (, but decided to dive in anyway since I was fitted with rails. I thought I should be able to stay out of neut range if I flew intelligently.

As you can see I am an eternal optimist.

Surprisingly, this time it actually worked so although a neut was firmly applied as soon as I landed tackle the victim was unable to maintain it due to my superior speed. He died but it was a VERY close fight. His 400mm plates with three armour rigs took quite a while to chew through.

I complimented him on his tank. “Not enough! ;)” was the nice reply.

The next night I had only ten minutes to kill but decided to log in anyway. I was still sitting in the Comet of Doom so hit Undock in Isho and d-scan. Algos. Ibis. The Ibis probably isn’t much of a threat (but you never can tell in lowsec!) so I head for the Algos in the plex and land with him about 10 km away. I burn in and apply a scram and web, keep at range successfully (since orbiting will hurt my tracking more than his drone DPS) and kill him without much difficulty.

I note an Astero on dscan and quickly gobble the loot and withdraw to a safe. It turns out the Astero was a corp mate hunting me so I was quite proud I had spotted him during the brief decloak window when that became apparent. Did I mention I podded the Algos pilot? Well, I did.

He looked like a noob so I convoed him and applied the lecture in the form of a link. He was grateful for a few tips so I sent him my fit and a few iskies to encourage him to keep exploding.

I love lowsec. I was engaged literally one minute after I logged in. Great stuff! But alas that was all I had time for - I'm off to watch the F1 with my better half.

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