Tuesday, April 15, 2014

This is why I choose lowsec. I have to get up early in the morning so I don’t want a late night but quickly log in before bed, about an hour before downtime. I tidy up some manufacturing jobs on an alt and set a couple of market order while logging Zappity in. Zaps undocks, spots a cruiser on scan, and dives into the medium plex.

Rupture on the beacon! Target, scram, web, orbit, rails, drones. Oh my goodness, that is one HEFTY armour tank he has. Better kill his drones before settling in… OK, done. Now we check dscan and, um, wait. Three reloads later:


He was apparently trying a new fit and was a good sport about the loss. I hop back to Hevrice to pick up some more supplies. While in the station I hear of a Comet in the next system over. Let’s go! By the time I get there the Comet has departed but he is rapidly replaced by a Cormorant who is simply desperate to kill some frigates. That didn’t work out for him so well, seeing there were two of us:


I really should go to bed now, so I head toward the Hevrice gate. But before I jump, someone spots an Omen on scan. So back to the medium plex I go and land a scram on the unfortunate cruiser. A remarkably short time later, another killmail arrives:


Now, is lowsec always like this? No. Sometimes you wander for an hour seeing nothing but farmers. But that isn’t usually the case. I almost always get at least one fight when I log in, and I rarely log in for an extended period.

Of course, just because you FIND a fight doesn’t mean you WIN the fight! Although now that I think about it I have not been losing many lately. It must be getting boring for you readers! I think it must be time to step things up again. Maybe I should get some of those racial Cruiser skills to 5 some time..

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