Wednesday, April 9, 2014

And a couple of hours later another Assault Frigate, this time a Vengeance, dies to the Comet:

The next plex was potentially more interesting with a Slasher and an Incursus. I figured I would get double-webbed by them and have to kill the Slasher quickly before dealing with the Incursus at range.

That was the plan, anyway. But when I warped in I found them going at it hammer and tongs on the beacon. I hit the burner and double-clicked to get a bit of distance but when I hit ‘e’ nothing happened and I continued to sail into the distance. Does anyone else have an occasional problem where their navigation hotkeys fail to respond until you log? Anyway, by the time I manually turned around the Slasher had finished off the Incursus and very wisely scarpered.

My disappointment vanished a couple of systems later when I snared a kiting Slicer. I had followed him into the plex on the off chance that he wouldn’t immediately hit his MWD and kitescrub me to death. He didn’t, and I found him very unwisely sitting on the beacon. He melted in a most satisfactory manner:

The Comet finally met its end at the hand of a Hawk. He was much faster than I expected and had a scram that extended further than my own meta 4. Still, a great fight that ended with him at one quarter shield and me with a crispy afterburner. I really should have remembered to sic my drones at him. Must remember! Must remember!


Oh well. Win some, lose some. And I think it’s about time I lost one anyway. What to fly next?

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