Thursday, December 17, 2015

Zappity's Adventures: Sniped! (Apparently)

We were camping a gate in the middle of Catch, bored stupid (well I was, anyway) when one of our scouts up the chain called a Hurricane Fleet Issue. It was piloted by a streamer who frequented the area and so I logged onto his Twitch account. Sure enough, he was streaming. Sure enough, he jumped straight into us (unscouted) and promptly died a horrible death.

Hurricane Fleet:

He complained on Twitch about being stream sniped. I have seen this happen very often. There seems to be an extraordinarily high probability that anyone who dies while streaming must have been sniped.

Shortly afterwards a Cyclone also jumped in. (No doubt he would also have been stream sniped had he been on Twitch.) I tackled him on a gate but strayed too close to his nasty scram and lost my poor Slicer. I am really out of practice. Fleet combat with anchors doesn’t exactly stretch the skills:

My poor Slicer:


We then fought an Ishtar gang in Curse and shot their tower to pass the time. We blobbed a solo Vagabond good ( and fought a Pandemic Horde Ferox fleet (e.g. including a nice Vulture (

All of that, however, paled into insignificance with a Coercer I fought solo in my Svipul. I had been running some Frostline sites, waiting for someone to come and try to kill me, when we happened to meet on a gate. He burned away and yellow-boxed me, clearly wanting a fight. I didn’t trust him to be solo and therefore warped off to a nice and obvious planet on the other side of the system. I hoped this would buy me a few extra seconds with which to extract should a nasty gang appear.

He followed me, landing 40 km away. I burned for him and landed a scram. He webbed me in return (no tackle?) and we settled down to the fight which he inevitably lost:



This was not a high stakes fight. And it wasn’t even close, me being in a Svipul. But it was solo and my hands were shaking at the end of the fight! I decided that it was time to fit up a few ships for solo shenanigans.

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