Friday, December 18, 2015

Zappity's Adventures: Suggest a solo ship!

I haven't had any time to get my solo ships ready. I have only logged in a few times since the last post. (What is it with people? Everyone at work seems to have a major mental deficiency that leads them to think that EVERYTHING has to be completed before December 24 with the result that I will be bored during January. I've refused to do half of it, having learnt to differentiate the important from the urgent, and I'm still too busy!)

Where was I? Oh, yes. I haven't had time to get my solo stuff set up. It was an interesting realisation: the fleet Proteus, Cerberus, Muninn etc are utterly useless as solo ships. In fact, I'm open to suggestions as to what ships I should set up. Please feel free to post suggestions. Preferably less than a billion isk but I'm not too fussy.

The few times I did log in were interesting, though. PL has been visiting lately and we have been bringing the fights. It started out well with a fight in which we killed a bunch of their Nestors and other ships:

Example Nestor:

Unfortunately, it was all downhill from there. I was involved in two more large (for me) fleet fights which were utterly disastrous. We had very simple setups consisting of DPS ships and logi ships. They had DPS ships, logi ships, the new Command Destroyers, ECM Tengus, damping whatsits and all other sorts of stuff.

Maybe we could be a bit more imaginative.

After the last fight we found a Legion sitting 50 km from the station:


I was sure it was a trap involving a cyno but I guess he just forgot to cloak. The second Legion was found shortly after, running a Relic site in the adjacent system. Very strange:



I hope PL sticks around for a while. It is interesting to fight people who really know what they are doing.

If you want to leave a post suggesting a solo ship you would like a story about (and please do) then please only suggest the hull rather than a fit. I enjoy trying to fit them up, however badly :)

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  1. Been considering toying with a RLML Caracal. Shoot off a clip, warp off to reload. Just an idea.