Wednesday, September 16, 2015


I awoke to a phone ablaze with Slack notifications and pings and whatnot. The German corp from a couple of systems away were attacking our station!

Not working that day meant I was in no rush to get moving and thus sat at my computer with a coffee and logged in. Only half a dozen ABA people were in null and we were outnumbered both in number and ship type. They were disabling station services.

We decided to take the fight, even though we were badly under-equipped and very likely to lose. DPS cruisers plus my magnificent local tank Dominix undocked simultaneously and we fought! Oddsodz ran the fleet and told us to kill the Caracal first. Then we switched to their Dominix before we lost too much DPS and had to run away.


Despite being primaried my own Dominix survived, a fact for which I was very happy. The battle report would have looked quite different otherwise! It is expensive.

This fight, however, did not end the trouble. We really needed either more people or more large ships. They had already managed to entose the Fitting and Repair services. (I'm pretty sure that isn't a verb but never mind because it is much neater than the alternatives I have seen.) So I broke out my stash of pre-built suicide Griffins and threw them up on contract. These have one of each meta 4 ECM module fit but there are plenty of each available on the market for those who wanted to specialise against a particular ship.

The idea is that you undock/warp in, F1-F4 and click on the entosing ship. Align to your undock/safe and enter warp as soon as you either succeed or fail to land jams. It takes about two seconds. If they catch you, try and get your pod away before collecting another ship. The ships only cost 2m and are (in my mind anyway) utterly disposable.

This was a useful strategy because entosis cycles are disrupted by jams. And the entosis cycle cannot be prematurely stopped, so the entosing ship needs to finish the current cycle before starting again. It is intensely frustrating. Which is great.

After about half an hour of this procedure at the station, TCU and I-Hub we noticed that some of their ships were starting to warp away. It was nearly 1am in Germany and the poor little things were obviously tired. Ten minutes later, they had all departed and the station services were switched back on and we were back to business as usual.

We talked after this event and came to the realisation that we really needed to be able to take the fight to the enemy's system. Unfortunately, the politics were complicated by their station being owned by blues which meant that they were effectively attacking from an unassailable position. So the decision was made to pull out and begin looking for a better opportunity. Rixx Javix wrote about this in fuller detail at

Frankly, I was quite pleased with this decision. The complicated arrangement by which we had entered sov was not to my liking. Next time we will carefully identify our hapless victim and then CRUSH THEM!!! Mua ha ha!

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