Saturday, January 17, 2015

I should have won that

If ever there was a case when FRAPS was useful in picking out mistakes it is this fight. I was loitering in a medium plex near the Tuskers' home system. I didn’t have to wait long before one of them brought a fight to my blaster Thorax in a Scythe Fleet Issue. Here's the video: The general setup was sound but I made quite a few mistakes. Let's review the mistakes, shall we? Any one of these would have prevented me from winning since he was a 400 structure when I died. 1. I didn't take my Exile. It was still sitting there in the cargo hold when I exploded. The dual rep fit would have really benefited from this. 2. I didn't pay close enough attention to my cap, including not overheating the booster. I capped out during the fight and again at the end. 3. When I capped out in the middle of the fight I didn't notice that one of my gun groups had been shut down for a few seconds. 4. I capped out at the end because I ran out of charges. I couldn't understand this because I knew my cargo hold was full. What happened was that I had a mix of 400s and 800s and when the 400s ran out the 800s didn't automatically load. I should have just been using 800s in this fit. So that was annoying. But it was a great fight and I learned (or remembered) a lot from it. Thorax:

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