Thursday, January 1, 2015

Frigate vs Battleship

I decided to move a Barghest blueprint, pilfered from a recently-deceased Mordu’s Legion battleship, to a highsec station for easier transport. I had stumbled across the rat while chasing another player about Prism in my Thorax (lowsec belts ftw). I only had about 20 minutes to play and the relocation seemed like an eminently achievable task. So Zappity hopped it into a Comet, undocked and warped to the Usi gate which, handily, is in line with the Ishomilken V undock. En route I casually scanned the system and was surprised to see a Hyperion Aliastra Edition. A battleship! In lowsec! And then I saw that the ship was named after a week-old player who was also in system.

After relieving myself of the blueprint, I hastily made my way back to Ish in order to become better acquainted with this new player. He was sitting very innocently in a large plex. I warped in, scrammed him, and went into a tight orbit. His drones disappeared quickly and it wasn’t long before I turned my attention to his ship.

Honestly, the most exciting thing about this fight was when Ciba Lexlulu (thankfully a corpie) warped into the site in his Deimos. I had considered calling for help (even getting as far as typing the message out) because I was worried about third-parties but wanted a crack at a frigate vs battleship mail. I don’t usually care about kill mails but I have to admit that I badly wanted that one! It was the first time I had ever fought a battleship.

I unkindly told Ciba he was a whore but he was the better man and chose not to aggress, even though he was fully entitled to do so. Ciba later stated that, although he had earlier been hunting the ship, the killmail would look better with only a Comet on it. That’s the sort of magnificent corp that is Stay Frosty. I think I owe Ciba one. Or maybe even two. Anyway, the Hyperion was already well into structure and died shortly after muttering an obscenity in local:


Hyperion video:

Oh my goodness, that fit. I opened a conversation with the guy and tested the waters. He was understandably frustrated but not angry and asked what he had done wrong. You won't be surprised to learn that I gave him a good dose of advice. I told him why battleships are a bad idea for a lowsec noob (I think he had already figured that out). I told him about corps like RvB and NPSI roams like Redemption Road. I told him to stick to frigates and destroyers until further notice. I also gave him some isk (quite a bit, actually). I was encouraged by his closing statement: “I just want to get my first solo kill!” Good stuff.

My first battleship kill! We will just ignore the part where it was flown by a week-old player.

P.S. WTB upgrade to automatically deploy my bloody drones.


  1. A battleship flown by a week old pilot isn't a battleship :-p
    But congrats on the killmail, and props to you for helping the noob out and also for pointing them to RvB and RR.

    Also: if you ever find that upgrade, let me know where I can buy it.

  2. I, too, would like that upgrade! Awesome on the killmail man. That's the stuff I'm aiming to get sooner rather than later. I'm a recent "null carebear" gone rouge! Looking to live the life of collecting poor internet space tears!