Saturday, May 31, 2014

I land on a Novice acceleration gate in my rail Comet and spot a Tristan sitting at 140km. I can’t catch him at that distance so I jump into the plex and open the scanner window. I choose an unopened plex 20AU away and warp to it at 10, hoping the Tristan's curiosity would get the better of him.

When I land I immediately align back to the Novice and check short scan. Sure enough, a Tristan soon appears. He drops out of warp about 30 km from me (warped to 50 I think) so I overheat the burner and manage to land a scram. I don't know if he tried to get away - I suspect not.

This was a very close fight. Far too late I realised that a significant amount of damage was coming from his guns. I tried to increase my range from 5 up to 8km but was just about capped out. I hit structure and shut down the scram and burner for a couple of cycles, hoping my drones would finish him. We crept down in structure together, our reps delaying the inevitable for one of us.

And then I capped out. I hate that audio. "Your capacitor is empty." I manually activated the rails for one last attempt and happened to land a lucky shot, wrecking his hull! I was at 24% structure.

A sizable chunk of errors on my part meant this was a close fight. But against a very capable pilot, so what the hell!


Sunday, May 25, 2014

I lost a Comet today. Sigh. There I was, innocently trying to murder a ratting Hurricane, when he neuted me out and killed me!

How rude. Don't people know they are supposed to bring rubbish PvE fits into our home system?

Actually, I think he WAS farming. It's just that his targets were silly noobs like me instead of little red crosses!


THIS is what people should bring to asteroid belts:


And then block my convo attempt when I realise that my victim is a noob. That's probably why I could kill him in my Incursus. I traded him his loot back when I noticed him in the same station anyway, for which I received a terse "thanks" email. I sense some butthurt. I don't like chasing people away from lowsec.

Anyway, I reshipped and headed out for a wander. Shortly afterward I was landed on by a small gang of frigates while I was trying my best to dispatch one of their corp mates. I am still not very good at this sort of thing so I will describe exactly how I died.

First, I aligned to a celestial in roughly the opposite direction from the gang. Correct so far. I was instantly tackled by a kiting Slicer but only webbed by a single Incursus.  So I killed the Incursus and then switched to Spike and Warriors for the Slicer. Too late. I think I should have burned away from the Incursus first.


Monday, May 12, 2014

I am in the Comet of Doom. Or something. Really, I name my Velator the same way so it doesn’t hold THAT much significance. Anyway, I have half an hour to kill (yes, I’m extremely casual) so head out of Ishomilken down the chain toward the middle of the Cal/Gal zone. As I leave I see someone in corp chat mentioning that they had just been killed by a nasty Coercer. Lo and behold, a few minutes later I spot the culprit in Nikkishina looking guilty in the Coercer. Or maybe I’m projecting. Whatever.

Anyway, how hard can a Coercer be to kill? I let the victim know that his nemesis is only a hop away if he wishes to seek revenge and warp into the plex. I figured that I would probably die and he would be just in time to mop up. Unfortunately (sort of) the Coercer only managed to get me down to 20% hull before popping! And just then my corpie landed in the plex, ready for action! I felt a bit guilty about that so offered him the loot which he declined (thank you!)


A few jumps later I stumbled onto an adventurous Tristan who was more than willing to have a go. I have been dieing to those gimmicky neut Tristans lately (, but decided to dive in anyway since I was fitted with rails. I thought I should be able to stay out of neut range if I flew intelligently.

As you can see I am an eternal optimist.

Surprisingly, this time it actually worked so although a neut was firmly applied as soon as I landed tackle the victim was unable to maintain it due to my superior speed. He died but it was a VERY close fight. His 400mm plates with three armour rigs took quite a while to chew through.

I complimented him on his tank. “Not enough! ;)” was the nice reply.

The next night I had only ten minutes to kill but decided to log in anyway. I was still sitting in the Comet of Doom so hit Undock in Isho and d-scan. Algos. Ibis. The Ibis probably isn’t much of a threat (but you never can tell in lowsec!) so I head for the Algos in the plex and land with him about 10 km away. I burn in and apply a scram and web, keep at range successfully (since orbiting will hurt my tracking more than his drone DPS) and kill him without much difficulty.

I note an Astero on dscan and quickly gobble the loot and withdraw to a safe. It turns out the Astero was a corp mate hunting me so I was quite proud I had spotted him during the brief decloak window when that became apparent. Did I mention I podded the Algos pilot? Well, I did.

He looked like a noob so I convoed him and applied the lecture in the form of a link. He was grateful for a few tips so I sent him my fit and a few iskies to encourage him to keep exploding.

I love lowsec. I was engaged literally one minute after I logged in. Great stuff! But alas that was all I had time for - I'm off to watch the F1 with my better half.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Three Battle Nereus, sitting on a plex! Whatever am I to do about it? I know! Kill them! Except that obvious bait is, well, obvious. But that has NEVER stopped me before so why start now? Especially since one of the pilots has been giving us lip for the last few days in local and there is a competition to accumulate his kill mails.

So I put the call out and a couple of corpies were soon winging their way over from a couple of systems away. I warped to the plex, landed tackle and started chipping away at them.

Sure enough, I am halfway through his armour when the remote reps kick in and bring his shields all the way up. Thankfully my corpies have landed and spread their points around while focusing fire. He goes down but my nice little Incursus goes down.with him. Oh well, it was worth it!

Battle Nereus:

They were each fitted identically (yes, all three died). I only wish that the faction reps were more expensive. Still, a surprisingly resilient fit so well done.

Unfortunately, our nemesis was surprisingly quiet about his loss. Maybe next time.