Sunday, March 15, 2015

Revenge of the mission runners

"Comeuppance". That's a great word, isn't it? Full to the brim with satisfying, well-deserved retribution. Well, Zappity sure got hers.

After the failure with the Orthrus and Orca I decided to tinker with the Loot Sweet Loot fit to increase the DPS. After all, I rarely needed the second repper and figured that bursts of overheating would get me through. Extended double repper scenarios are unrealistic due to limited cap boosters anyway and you really just sig tank most of the time after the drones are dead. So I reasoned.

I dropped the second repper, added a mag stab and looked things over. There wasn't enough CPU so I exchanged the EANM for a ANP but this just resulted in inadequate repper cycles. “What about dead space reppers?”, I wondered.

Yes, I wondered alright.

I trundled off to find another victim with my new Centii A-type small armor repairer. After all, what could possibly go wrong? I contemplated being scrammed by NPC rats and killed by their overwhelming force. I contemplated hordes of Drifter battleships decloaking specifically to kill me. I contemplated a disconnection during a fight. I did not, however, contemplate mission runners ganging up and baiting me. That was a bridge too far.

I toyed for a while with some battleship and T3 pilots before finally coming across a Harbinger. My hopes weren’t high since this was a pilot I had earlier harassed without getting a bite. Oh yes, I harassed him alright. I harassed him good. This time I thought he was AFK, sitting there all alone in an empty plex. After all, what else can you expect from mission runners?

I tried to wake him up by locking him and going into a tight orbit. He scrammed and webbed me! Then he unleashed a squadron of angry drones! At this point I probably should have just left. But instead, I started killing the drones, thinking that this brave pilot had decided to fight back and deserved a chance at killing me. Also, I thought that chance was very small. I thought that right up until the moment the Keres landed and pointed me and the Moa landed and they all started killing me very much indeed.

Expensive Incursus:

I gave them a gf in local and went my chastened way. I think I might stick to T2 modules from now on.


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