Thursday, December 11, 2014


Thera. According to the forums I was going to be in for a treat. Apparently the null blocs were going to shut it down instantly and forever more. Or perhaps it was wormhole corps. Regardless, the one thing that was clear is that my attempts to get in and leave some clones scattered about were doomed to fail.

But I am an eternal optimist and, because I am also lazy, I pointed my browser toward eve-scout. There was a nice entry a mere half dozen jumps from Amarr. Surely if any entry was going to be camped it would be this one! Innocent Scout, in a Cheetah, was the first through. A lone Vexor Navy Issue perched on the hole didn't quite live up to the aforementioned prognostications of campfire doom and was easily ignored.

Cloaked at 57 km from the hole, Innocent scouted in Zappity and then her cousin from procurement (not to be confused with her cousin from marketing). A looooooong warp across system then rewarded Innocent Scout with her first ever view of a wormhole station. Brilliant.

Wrecks, corpses and Ishtars (please nerf) were strewn about the undock like wrapping from a present messily torn open. Great stuff!

Not to be fooled into prematurely docking and then needing to run the gauntlet of droney death, Innocent first warped to a celestial roughly in front of the undock before heading back to the station at 100. A boring but safely cloaked slow burn then resulted in the creation of an insta-undock bookmark, followed by the safe arrival of Zappity and the procurement expert at the station.

Why procurement? Well, as mentioned previously I have a cunning plan! And now I also have a few dozen market orders for ore. Will the natives flock to my banner and sell me their rocks? We'll see. Frankly, it hardly matters. After today I'm not overly troubled by the prospect of bringing materials into the system manually. And bringing in quite a few nice, shiny blueprints wasn't challenging either.

I plan on enjoying Thera. I have always liked wormholes but the logistical effort and (especially) lack of jump clones has been prohibitive with my casual play style. This is great.

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